Interactive Magic and Comedy for Intimate Gatherings or Large Groups

Let Speed entertain your group with his amazing stand up magic and comedy show which has become a huge sensation in over 20 states and 3 countries. Speed is not your typical slow and artsy magician. Speed performs a fun, highly interactive and fast paced magic experience where you and your audience will be ON THE EDGE OF YOUR SEATS for the entire performance. Speed customizes and tailors each shows magic and comedy to ensure every show will be a big hit! Show durations range from 5-60 minutes. (40-45 minutes is typical) All magic and comedy are family/corporate friendly. Let Speed's and his experience of over 4,000 Live Performances be on your team to ensure your next event to be a 100% SUCCESS!


Delight Small to Large Audiences with Exciting Stage Illusions

Take your event to the next level with Grand Stage Illusions! In addition to an amazing and fun stand up systole magic show, Speed can include some of his over 20 large scale illusions. Whether he is making a motorcycle appear, crawling thru an industrial fan, or making your special guest appear, Speed will blow your audience away with some of the most amazing stage illusions. Did I mention Escapes? Speed and his assistant "Curl" perform a modernized version of Houdini's Metamorphosis. And Doves too! Check out Speed and Curl performing a fast paced, exciting Dove Act which will surely knock your socks off!


Exciting Strolling Magic Performed for Kids/ Families and Groups of all sizes

Let your guests enjoy the amazing strolling magic by one of the most interactive and skillful magicians on the East Coast. Speed has been performing his incredible strolling magic for over 20 years and is always a huge hit entertaining small and large groups. Speed's talents at slight of hand and close up magic are something to be seen. Speed will not only dazzle your guests, but he is known to make other magicians take notice. Speed tailors his strolling magic and comedy to suit your audiences age and sophistication. A perfect choice by itself or to complement a stand-up or stage presentation.